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Citizenship by Investment Program –
Antigua & Barbuda

Types of Applications:

1. Contribution to the National Development Fund USD $200.000 until 1st May 2016 / USD $250.000 thereafter.
2. Purchase of Approved Land or Building, exceeding US $400.000.
3. Business Investment. There are 2 options to this application:
Option #1: One person makes an investment in an an Approved business of at least US 1.5 million
- or -
Option #2: At least two people make a Joint Investment in an Approved Business totaling at least US $5 million and each person individually contributes at least US4,000. to the Joint Investment.

Documents required for Application

The supporting documents are required by the Citizen by Investment Unit to process your application N.B. All documents MUST be original copies, certified as being correct and should be notarized by a Notary Public or equivalent.

  • Copies of birth certificate(s) for each applicant
  • Copies of passports for each applicant
  • Copies of utility invoices
  • Copies of bank statements
  • Confirmation of employment letters
  • Personal references
  • Financial references
  • Educational references
  • Copies of State identification cards (ID cards)
  • Original Medical Examination Record
  • Original HIV test results ( not to exceed 3 months)
  • Original Police record

How long does a CIP Application take?

Following our submission, CIP applications take between 30 – 90 days to be approved.

The Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) complete due diligence on each application.
At the discretion of the CIU requests for additional information may arise.

What does a CIP Agent do?

As your agent we have a duty of care in collating and submitting your Application from its inception to the provision of your Antigua and Barbuda passport. We facilitate all communications and the payment of costs to the CIU. As your licensed Agent we maintain appropriate insurance and will ensure that your needs are met throughout the application process.

Due Diligence Checks:

Whilst we maintain our own due diligence procedures, the CIU conduct oversees checks; these checks include:
Applicant's Business and Residential Address
Applicant's Employment
Applicant's Source of Funding
Criminal Records Check

Is a Visa required to visit Europe or the USA?

USA (Yes)
Europe (No)

Antigua and Barbuda passport holders are able to visit a total of 131 countries without the requirement of a Visa. Our office will supply a list on request.

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